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Firstly, I convey my heart filled thanks for conducting medicine class on 4th & 5th april. I felt like i received a course of streptokinase which released the block obstructing my progression in NEET. I didnt prepare for last NEET exam but still I was little confident to get eligible. I realised why I was not eligible in last NEET exam through your class. I came to know where i was supposed to concentrate and my areas of weakness. I really liked your way of encouragememt by appreciating even wrong answers. The video in youtube was also very useful, but it seems like a magic to me. I have joined bhatia classes this april only. Got only around 15 books, heard 5 were yet to come, then what about the mini harrison sir.. Am I eligible to get that or i should buy that seperately? Really sorry for making it so long for you to read.

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Where to buy test enanthate

where to buy test enanthate


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