What is tren and mast

xhimsa12x wrote:
checkout "Anabolics" by William Llewellyn. HORRIBLE idea to run tren alone.
Estrogen side effects: While it may not aromatize, it binds to progesterone receptors mimicking estrogenic side effects such as mammary tissue growth(Gyno), supress endogenous testosterone production and enhanced rate of fat storage.
Androgen side effects: Male pattern baldness, Acne
Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism(Shrinking of testicles, loss of sex drive, massive reductions in sperm count, impotence) All very bad stuff.
Hypogonadism can be permanent as well if care is not take and you could end up on ED drugs for the rest of your life. This stuff is nothing to play with. Serious time and research needs to go into AAS usage. There are side effect that can happen requiring medical intervention.

What is tren and mast

what is tren and mast


what is tren and mastwhat is tren and mastwhat is tren and mastwhat is tren and mastwhat is tren and mast