What is test e

When you start the speedtest, a file that is coupled to a script is loaded by our server. The script notices when your computer has downloaded the file and then calculates what DSL speed you have. If a firewall is switched on, the data are not sent back to the script and the test fails. Bandwith Speedtest Speedtest for your homepage HOT Give your homepage visitors the ability to make a speedtest. Copy and paste the code into your homepage - thats all. Get the code! Give us a link! SUPPORT US Please support us and recommend our free service with the following link. Thank you very much!
Speedtest for your homepage Please copy one of the following code to set the speed tool on your homepage. It´s for free. If you need changes - please use our 'Speedtest Customizer' . Do not delete any copyrights and the link!
Speedtest for your homepage - block version Preview: HTML Code
Speedtest Customizer You can custom the speedtest to your own 'look & feel' - open "Speedtest Customizer" Is the measurement of the speedtest exact? When loading of the file is artificially extended by other factors, the speed display cannot be correct. If, for example, you have a 3,000 DSL connection, the result must stay within a reasonable range. In this case, the measurement would show about to Mbit/s. If the measurement produces significant differences, measure again. Measure again later as well. If the measurement then differs after three tests taken at different times of day from the DSL speed you have contracted for, please ask your provider or measure the speed test with another service. If the results of the ADSL speedtest are unclear, always measure again and repeat the speedcheck at different times of day and on different days. During the test, downloads or other Internet calls should not take place. Variations of 0-25% are normal. Comments and Discussions Here you can discuss with us, ask a question about the speedtest or open a discussion. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. comments powered by Disqus (c) my-

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EMC - a definition

EMC means nothing more than "an electronic or electrical product shall work as intended in its environment. The electronic or electrical product shall not generate electromagnetic disturbances, which may influence other products". In other words, EMC deals with problems of noise emission as well as noise immunity of electronic and electrical products and systems. Electromagnetic disturbances occur as conducted interference as well as radiated emissions and immunity problems.

Generally EMC, E lectro M agnetic C ompatibility, should really not be difficult to understand, but as you know, the devil is in the details. Let us explain the topic in a little bit more details. For those of you who are EMC-experts, we hope you excuse us for making some "non-scientific" simplifications.
The word EMC does not include the influence of electromagnetic waves (either desired or undesired) on biological systems. This is a much larger field and is covered by the expression "EMCE" ("E" is for environmental), which is not the topic here and is also not the field in which EM TEST works.

What is test e

what is test e


what is test ewhat is test ewhat is test ewhat is test ewhat is test e