Test prop vs suspension

Aside from our test car’s electric Long Beach Blue Metallic paint—which, along with the big wheels, gave it the bling of a prop fit for the set of Narcos —the X5 M exhibits the clean, understated look that its funkier sibling lacks. The flared, monochromatic bodywork is just racy enough for the hunkered-down stance and steamroller rubber yet won’t draw confounded stares from passersby. While it can’t match the curbside wattage of a $231,825 Bentayga, its aura is unmistakably rich, with tasteful blue ambient lighting inside, supple leather hides, and the feeling of spinning up a Learjet whenever you finger the start button. Six figures may be steep, but the BMW’s performance, fit and finish, and general attitude rarely have you questioning its $101,695 starting price.

Regarding carb heat use with Continentals, I have had more icing experiences with C-85 and O-200 engines than any other type!  The  Midwest has a lot of dewy mornings that are perfect for flying, but perfect for developing carb ice.  I get involved with a number of post accident investigations and carb ice is a leading supposed cause for many engine failures where no hard mechanical failure or pilot mistake can be determined.  Establishing the dewpoint at the time of the accident is usually number three on the list after determining if fuel was on board and selected or if there was an obvious mechanical problem.

Test prop vs suspension

test prop vs suspension


test prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspension