Test prop mast results

Another release has become a popular part of the OST family of line releases. The OR8 Heavy Tension Single Downrigger Release was designed for salt water trolling applications and for muskie fishing. Two springs are used to beef up the spring tension on this release to insure solid hook sets on large and powerful fish. This release also has a very strong following from dedicated dodger/fly/squid anglers.

Sounds like you’ve done your foot work Big Miike. Im on a 16 week cycle ( 5 weeks in) using test cypionate750 mg wk, Eq 700mg wk and Deca 500 mg week all by a Domestic source here in the . named Advanced Elite Labs. Not much to shout about…very vascular( EQ Im assuming) but not much weight gain. In fact I think I havent gained more than 5lbs so far. Im thinking I may have to extend my cycle when AEL gear is gone and jump ship to my backup gear. I have EQ from Geneza Pharm, Test Cypionate from Thaiger Pharm so lets wish me better luck. Never heard of Dunning…gonna look it up

Test prop mast results

test prop mast results


test prop mast resultstest prop mast resultstest prop mast resultstest prop mast resultstest prop mast results