Test prop anavar results

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I would pin the test prop ED putting you at 525mg a week. This is a fairly standard first cycle dose. I dont believe youll see much from 20mg of anavar. Id start with 50mg ED and see how that treats you. I dont believe youll have much in the way of estrogen sides at that dose but everyone is different so do have everything on hand before you get started. If needed you could start the adex .5mg EOD and adjust from there. I find it starts working within a day. People start there PCT based on how much test is left in there body. Because if theres still an excess of test the PCT will not be effective. Test prop has a half life of 2 to 3 days.

Test prop anavar results

test prop anavar results


test prop anavar resultstest prop anavar resultstest prop anavar resultstest prop anavar resultstest prop anavar results